homage to bánh

i am crazy about bánh so this is my own personal homage to it. i have been stuffing my face with bánh for as long as i can remember. you just cant avoid bánh in Vietnamese fare. 

bánh loosely translates in english as bread or cake. there is a wide range in variety and it comes sweet or savory and is cooked by steaming, baking, frying, deep frying or boiling. bánh also refers to varieties of noodle/noodle dishes. varieties of bánh are named by a descriptive word or phrase, sometimes literal and sometimes metaphorical. here i will explore all the traditional varieties as well as the more obscure that will require some personal pioneering. i will attempt to cook every single variety in existence and every dish with the namesake.

some samples of typical varieties:

  • noodles: bánh canh (literally means “soup cake”), bánh phở (the ride noodle in the famous phở soup)
  • dumplings: bánh bao (a dome shaped dumpling filled with pork, egg, mushroom and sausage)
  • panckakes: bánh xèo (savory pancake/crepe)
  • rolls: bánh cuốn (steamed rice roll)
  • rice paper: bánh tráng: (used for making summer rolls or fried spring rolls
  • sweet: bánh tiêu (hollow doughnut), bánh khoai mì (cassava cake) 
  • special occasion: bánh chưng (holiday Tết cake, steamed glutinous rice filled with mung bean and pork)
  • bánh mi (french baguette sandwich)

this is going to take forever so i hope you enjoy it much as i know i know i will. 

during my last trip home, my mom spoiled me with these treats:

bánh cuốn

bánh xèo, bánh bèo and bánh bột lọc